The 7th Meeting of the Slovenes from the Raba Region

The arrival of the guests at the festival tent in Kétvölgy

The Slovene folklore group from Gornji Petrovci (Slovenia)

The opening of the festivities by Klára Fodor

József Hirnök

Marianna Szukics and András Doncsecz

Marianna Szukics and Martina Vink-Kranjec

Ladislav Lipič

The women's choir from Apátistvánfalva

The folklore group from Tešanovci (Slovenia)

The children's musicians dance group from Apátistvánfalva

Patrik and Patricija Bokan from Otovci (Slovenia)

The folklore group from Benedikt (Slovenia)

The inauguration of the culture house in Kétvölgy

Andrea Kovács and András Doncsecz

Andrea Kovacs and Imre Márkus

Marianna Szukics and Martina Vink-Kranjec

Marianna Szukics and Drago Šiftar

The consecration of the culture house by the priests Dejan Horvat, Ferenc Merkli und Lojze Kozar

All pictures taken by: T. Horvat / J. Gerber