The 20th Anniversary of the Folklore Society of Felsöszölnök

Felsöszölnök, 09/10/2005

In Felsöszölnök the Slovenes of the Porabje celebrated the 20th anniversary of the local folklore society this Saturday. Some high representatives of the Slovene and Hungarian governments were among the attenders. Vojko Stopar (Head of Culture in Felsöszölnök) emphasized in his speech that every nation had to maintain its culture and tradition in order to survive. The event was accompanied with performances by local music and dance groups. Numerous musicians, dance groups and organizers of cultural activities were awarded for their long-service engagement in the range of Slovene folklore in the Porabje. The jovial mood attracted the people from the surrounding villages to go to Felsöszölnök. The audience was laughing, singing and dancing until the break of dawn.


                    Pictures                                                                                Joël Gerber